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Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.
So says Philosopher, John Dewey,  (1859-1952)
You are never too old to get better.
So says Engineer, Irving Schwartz (1940 –        )


WEATHER ADVISORY: Watch this site for updates on course cancellations when classes are in session. Courses are on Fridays, so that’s the day to focus on. 

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    • Course evaluation survey closed Nov 14.
    • Nov 09: Membership Guidelines updated. Go to Registration & Membership page.
    • Oct 01: Fall 2015 Newsletter published. Newsletter_2015Sept 
    • Sept 09: Detailed course outlines for 2016W now available for downloading.

LLIR, Who We Are.

Living and Learning in Retirement (LLIR), the oldest 3rd Age learning program in Canada (and maybe the world, but who’s counting!), is an autonomous, not for profit organization for retired persons eager to pursue the challenge of continuous learning, but without examinations or term papers.

It was established in 1973 by a small group of volunteers, who met with staff from the Glendon faculty of York University to explore ways to enrich their retirement years. The group was able to obtain a start-up grant under the federal ‘New Horizons’ program and Glendon made facilities available for this purpose. The first lecture was presented on September 28, 1973, with 144 registrants. Since then, membership has grown to over 1000, with ten courses presented during each academic year, 5 in the fall and 5 in the winter. All courses are on Friday.

When do we meet?

There are two 10 week sessions one in the fall (Sept-Nov) and one in the Winter (Jan-Mar). Each session has 5 courses, some in the morning starting at 9:50 AM and some in the afternoon starting at 12:50 PM. All courses are on Fridays at Glendon College on Bayview Ave.

What LLIR is all about

Our Vision        To be a leading Third Age Learning organization providing academic opportunities that meet the learning needs of the increasing number of retired adults.

Our Mission    To plan, direct and manage excellent academic programs for the education and pleasure of retired adults.

In providing service to our members, the following values represent the elements that we are committed to preserving and enhancing as LLIR moves forward to meet future challenges and opportunities. In effect, these core values also become the base criteria for evaluating future decisions and initiatives.

  • Learning and its contribution to the quality of life for retired adults
  • Program and course quality
  • Accessible and affordable courses
  • Professional organization of classes and administrative procedures
  • A warm and caring atmosphere that is conducive to learning
  • A spirit of community that recognizes our members’ social interests
  • Our relationships with Glendon College, its students, faculty and staff
  • A committed, active volunteer Board of Directors



President, Naomi St. John’s

Address to LLIR members at the March 13 2015 AGM

I would first like to welcome the new members to the Board: Alan Boulton, Dianne Hare, Del Milbrandt, Paul Muther, Sheilah Reid, and Brian Thompson.

As a knowledgeable group of learners, we challenge our lecturers and they love us for it. Our heads are up, our eyes bright and we not only look at and listen to their presentation each week, but we question them individually and collectively creating a shared learning experience. Sometimes we stump them and the following week it’s a joy to watch as they repeat a question and give us the missing nugget from their research.

Indeed, this past fall DAVID CROMBIE enjoyed a return engagement to share with us his love of Toronto and his new found career as a lecturer.  THABIT ABDULLAH returned as well to take us back to, and then up to the present, with the Arab Spring. We welcomed a new lecturer, JONATHAN SALEM-WISEMAN discussing the much requested topic Big Ideas in Western Thought.  IAIN SCOTT took us into ancient worlds of Myths and Legends  through the music of Opera.  KEVIN COURRIER, another new lecturer to LLIR, wowed us with his depth and background in American Movies.  MAIRE PERCY put a comprehensive array of lecturers together for our Dimensions in Aging. Climate Change had been on our list of topics for several years and TIM LEDUC brought the multi- disciplinary department from York, to give us an historic and broad overview.  HEATHER MACRAE gave us a timely and insightful series into Germany and the EU.  LANCE GITTER brought us memorable visuals and background in the Art and History of Photography.  And IAN ROBERGE took us into the underworld of Transnational Crime. Our thanks go to each one of these Course Directors and their guest lecturers.

Responsibilities for Program and our thanks go to Jane Sims, our new VP and her Program Committee of Ruth Brouwer, Bob McElhinney, and Berit Dullerud with the assistance of Bruce McCallum and Gaylen Racine.  Delivery of wonderful programming however, requires ‘silent partners’. To our Finance Chair Colin Graham, Treasurer Mike Antoniades and Registration tacticians, Gail Carson and Molly Greenwood, and the Membership team with Mary Lou Rankine goes our continued appreciation. Special mention most deservedly must go to Molly and Gaylen for their work on our data base and website. Bruce McCallum, not only edited our Newsletter, he took on co-ordination of our classrooms and facilities.

LLIR  continues to support students, through Friends of Glendon, and our thanks go to  Berit for her ongoing commitment as our Board liaison.

As Past President, Carole Langford headed our Nominating Committee, and she retires this year leaving us with 6 strong new members joining the Board to continue our commitment to being the best Third Age Learning organization in Canada. And as we bid farewell to Carole after 7 years on the Board, we also say farewell to several others whose commitment and dedication will be missed. Bob McElhinney, our rudder for 6 years on the Program Committee who steered and kept us on course, Karen Edson, our Secretary par excellence, who had ready answers to questions going back 12 years, and Mary Lou Rankine whose work with Membership, Nominating and Co-Chairing will be missed. We thank you all.

Norbert Hartmann, this winter as our President, has been your finest hour. Your guidance has been felt throughout the challenges of the strike not only by our Board, but by the Principal of Glendon. Since our gratitude knows no bounds, we ask that you continue, with us, to liaise with Principal Ipperciel and Glendon, into next year.

We meet today for the final time as the 2014/15 LLIR board.  I want to thank all of you for your friendship, guidance, leadership, commitment and joy in leading this organization and proving that Third Age Learners are the new Prime of Life. Any news about or changes to LLIR activities will be posted here….keep your eyes on the Website!


If there is anything you feel needs to be added to the site, then please send a note to info@llir.ca . We appreciate your input.

Thank you for visiting the site. We hope you find it useful.