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Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.
So says Philosopher, John Dewey,  (1859-1952)
You are never too old to get better.
So says Engineer, Irving Schwartz (1940 –        )


WEATHER ADVISORY: Watch this site for updates on course cancellations when classes are in session. Courses are on Fridays, so that’s the day to focus on. For reference, here is York University’s weather status web page.

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    • Detailed Course Outlines for 2016 Fall are now available. Go to menu option “Course Information”, above, for details.
    • Members. You can see your course assignments for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 by logging in under Registration and Membership.

LLIR, Who We Are.

Living and Learning in Retirement (LLIR), the oldest 3rd Age learning program in Canada (and maybe the world, but who’s counting!), is an autonomous, not for profit organization for retired persons eager to pursue the challenge of continuous learning, but without examinations or term papers.

It was established in 1973 by a small group of volunteers, who met with staff from the Glendon faculty of York University to explore ways to enrich their retirement years. The group was able to obtain a start-up grant under the federal ‘New Horizons’ program and Glendon made facilities available for this purpose. The first lecture was presented on September 28, 1973, with 144 registrants. Since then, membership has grown to over 1000, with ten courses presented during each academic year, 5-6 in the fall and 4-5 in the winter. All courses are on Friday. For more information on LLIR history go to the Story of LLIR

When do we meet?

There are two 10 week sessions one in the fall (Sept-Nov) and one in the Winter (Jan-Mar). Each session has 4-6 courses, some in the morning starting at 9:50 AM and some in the afternoon starting at 12:50 PM. All courses are on Fridays at Glendon College on Bayview Ave.

What LLIR is all about

Our Vision        To be a leading Third Age Learning organization providing academic opportunities that meet the learning needs of the increasing number of retired adults.

Our Mission    To plan, direct and manage excellent academic programs for the education and pleasure of retired adults.

In providing service to our members, the following values represent the elements that we are committed to preserving and enhancing as LLIR moves forward to meet future challenges and opportunities. In effect, these core values also become the base criteria for evaluating future decisions and initiatives.

  • Learning and its contribution to the quality of life for retired adults
  • Program and course quality
  • Accessible and affordable courses
  • Professional organization of classes and administrative procedures
  • A warm and caring atmosphere that is conducive to learning
  • A spirit of community that recognizes our members’ social interests
  • Our relationships with Glendon College, its students, faculty and staff
  • A committed, active volunteer Board of Directors

20120501_0041bPresident, Jane Sims

We have a very exciting program lined up for the 2016 Fall term. The detailed course outlines are now posted (see the Course Outlines tab at the top of this page) and you can download them either as Word documents or as PDF files.

Those of you taking Dr. Bartlett’s course have been informed that he will be starting a week late. This is not the first time this has happened at LLIR but I can assure you it will be worth the wait. Those of you in Philippa Sheppard’s course will want to start reading, or perhaps rereading this summer, those ten plays she has chosen for her course.

Eric McGeer has also written several books on the wars that some of you might like to read. He was also on “One on One” with Peter Mansbridge. I am including the link for those of you who are interested. http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2304012128

We are delighted to have both Kevin Courrier and Rick Phillips back to do very different courses that we have not had before. And those of you who are in the Geology course will enjoy Ray Pichette. I am very interested in plate tectonics as I have family on the west coast of Canada.

Do download your course outline and keep your eye on our website occasionally over the summer. Have a wonderful, healthy summer and keep safe.

We will see you in the Fall.

Jane Sims          May 2016


If there is anything you feel needs to be added to the site, then please send a note to info@llir.ca . We appreciate your input.

Thank you for visiting the site. We hope you find it useful.

LLIR is a member of the Third Age Network.