Waitlist Process

Memberships and waitlist positions are open to individuals only. Each member and applicant on the waitlist must have their own unique email address. If your email address changes while you are on the waitlist, please send an email to registrar@llir.ca so we can update your application.

  • LLIR accepts a limited number of applications to join our waitlist in the fall. In some years we have reached our limit in a number of hours. Refer to our Annual Calendar for the exact date.
  • Click on Waitlist Application and when Application is open you can fill in the application form.
  • After the current members have completed registration in the spring and have been assigned courses, LLIR offers available course spaces to applicants on the waitlist.
  • Waitlist people receive an email inviting them to register for courses that still have openings. We select applicants in the order, by the date and time, that they joined the waitlist. We usually do not reach the end of the waitlist.
  • To become an active member of LLIR, waitlist applicants then complete a form to register, select from the available courses and pay the annual fees. For more details, see Becoming a Member.
  • Waitlist applicants may turn down their first invitation to join. However, a second turn-down in the subsequent year results in removal from the waitlist.
  • Wait times to move from the waitlist to membership typically range from zero to two years.

If you have further questions about the waitlist email waitlist@llir.ca.