Welcome to LLIR!

Who We Are
Living and Learning in Retirement (LLIR) is the oldest Third Age learning program in Canada (and maybe the world, but who’s counting!). We are an autonomous, not-for-profit organization for retired persons eager to pursue the challenge of continuous learning, but without examinations or term papers.

Over 1,100 members choose from 10 courses presented each academic year at Glendon College on Bayview Avenue, six in the fall and four in the winter. All courses are on Friday. You can find out more about our 44-year history at The Story of LLIR.

Our Vision        
To be a leading Third Age Learning organization providing academic opportunities that meet the learning needs of the increasing number of retired adults.

Our Mission    
To plan, direct and manage excellent academic programs for the education and pleasure of retired adults.

TANweblogoEducation is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.
John Dewey,  (1859-1952)