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See Waitlist Process for more information and a link to the application form. The list will be capped at 500 names and will fill up shortly.  Act Today to secure your place on the Waitlist. If you are a member you don’t need to do anything (other than inform your friends who are not members).

Classes resumed on Friday September 18th, 2020 
LLIR@Home for Fall 2020 

Your LLIR classes are online. Watch them from the comfort and safety of your home. We are calling this semester “LLIR@Home” where all courses are open to all members registered for the Fall semester.  Weekly Friday emails will bring you the links for your pre-recorded video lectures.

We intend to return to our home at Glendon when it is permitted.  In the meantime, we have selected VIMEO as our online platform for the four courses being offered in the fall.  It provides excellent quality, security and the ability for our members to enjoy the pre-recorded courses at a time that works for them.  Our Course Directors will invite questions each week.  They will be answered the following week.  Any support materials provided by our Course Directors will be posted in the members area of this website.

Ongoing communication and support is being offered to our members as we transition to LLIR@Home.  We welcome any questions or feedback at Info@llir.ca.  Classes started on September 18, 2020.

Campaign for Glendon Students

LLIR has launched its annual campaign encouraging LLIR members to make a tax-receiptable donation to support students at Glendon College. But, like much else, this year is a bit different. Because of the pandemic,  we will not be able to solicit contributions in the classrooms from LLIR members. Instead, we are encouraging members to contribute online directly to the Friends of Glendon Hardship Fund.  For details click Glendon Hardship Fund.

Want to join LLIR?

To become a member you must join through the waitlist process. The waitlist will open November 9th, 2020 at 9 AM. Check all the important dates in our Annual Calendar. Learn more about becoming a member and the waitlist process.

Are you new to LLIR? To learn about us, please read: Welcome to LLIR.