Becoming a Member

LLIR offers its members a very popular program of courses. Classroom space at Glendon College is limited and we can accommodate a total membership of about 1200 people. To become a member, you must first join our waitlist. Please check our Annual Calendar for when the Waitlist is expected to open and watch for Bulletins on this website giving instructions for signing up.

Our Program Committee prepares the list of courses that we offer for the fall and winter terms of upcoming academic years. Members register, select courses and pay annual fees online using this website. Registration for the next academic year starts in February. Members submit course requests by ranking the courses in the list for each term in order of preference. Fee payments are by credit card.

Our Registration Process assigns members to courses on a seniority basis. As a result, we can offer a place in a course to all our members, though we cannot promise to assign everyone to their course of first choice. After about two years of membership, most members get their course of first choice.

After assigning returning members to courses, we invite people from from the waitlist to register until our membership for the upcoming year reaches capacity. New members go through the same registration process as returning members, ranking the courses that still have openings and paying online. Most years we cannot clear the waitlist but people to whom we cannot offer membership move up the list. Typically, potential members wait about two years to become a member.

Read more about the Waitlist Process.