Becoming a Member

LLIR is a very popular program. We are limited by the availability of classroom space at Glendon and can accommodate a total membership of about 1200 people. To join, people are first added to an online Wait List.

Members make their course requests online in priority order in February for the following year using the list of courses put forward by the Program Committee. Membership and course fees are paid online using a credit card with PayPal processing the credit card information. Members are placed in courses on a seniority basis. Longer term members usually get their first course preferences.

Once current members have been placed in their courses, new members are added from the Wait List to bring the total membership to around 1200. They go through the same online process as regular members making their course choices from the list of courses available and paying their fees online. Most years it is not possible to clear the Wait List, but people who do not make it in are moved up the Wait List. It can sometimes take two years to become a member.