LLIR Supporting Glendon Students

Impact of LLIR Members Giving: a summary report for members

LLIR members and LLIR as an organization have for many years expressed their appreciation to Glendon College for sharing its beautiful campus with us for decades. In particular, members annually and LLIR itself periodically, have provided financial support for Glendon students. This message summarizes the impact for students in the most recent fiscal year.  

Anniversary endowed funds

Over time, LLIR has established three anniversary continuing endowed funds at Glendon (our 25th, 35th and 40th). The aggregating earnings (less previous awards) totals about $  270,000  in capital value. An endowed fund releases 4-5% each year for awards (grants) to students who meet the criteria for financial aid as adjudicated by Glendon’s financial aid office. This past year, eight awards were granted from these anniversary funds totalling just about $10,000. 

Anniversary expendable funds

For its 45th anniversary, LLIR established two expendable funds of $12,500 to fund five years of awards of $2,500 each for two students. One award for a refugee student and the other for a mature student living at home. A total of $5,000 was awarded this past year to two such students. 

Other expendable funds:

Flexible Financial Aid Fund. At the end of last year, as a “one-off” contribution, LLIR donated $10,000 to this existing expendable fund at Glendon. LLIR’s contribution was fully expended last year with awards to ten entering students meeting both financial need and “top scholar” criteria. 

FOG Hardship Fund. The Hardship fund is a source of funds for students facing acute short term financial hardship while at Glendon.  The students qualify for one-time time grants to help the student continue with their program. This was the fund LLIR members supported last year, donating in excess of $30,000.  Seventeen grants aggregating $10,000 were awarded from this fund to qualifying students. The remaining balance is being used this year or the same purpose. 

LLIR Glendon Student Opportunity Fund  

This is a new fund, a hybrid endowed/expendable fund, established by LLIR in 2021 with a capital contribution of $25,000. The capital portion is invested and will be a perpetual source of awards, as is the case with the endowed anniversary funds. It is the expendable portion of this fund for which we have been soliciting contributions from LLIR members this academic year.

A direct link has been established for online donations to the new fund. To donate now, use this link LLIR Glendon Student Opportunity Fund .