Frequently Asked Questions

Where are classes held in Fall 2023?

This fall LLIR will be offering a choice of courses only in person at Glendon College.

All of our courses are held at  York Hall of Glendon College, a campus of York University. The campus is address is 2275 Bayview Avenue, at Lawrence Avenue as shown on this map of the campus.

How do I know if classes are cancelled?

When classes are cancelled due to weather, LLIR posts a note near the top of the Bulletins page of this website by 7 AM of the day. This page appears when you first open the website and can be recalled at any time by selecting Bulletins under News in the website menu.

How do I get to Glendon? 

Directions for getting to Glendon College both by car and by transit are provided by the campus website.

Are masks required for in-person classes?

Masking is required currently in the classroom.The Board regularly reviews current public health recommendations to keep our members safe and will amend the protocol as appropriate. Click HERE to see the protocol that will apply in Fall 2023-Winter 2024.

How do I log into LLIR?

Click on this link Login. Enter your Membership Number and Password. If you have forgotten your Membership Number or Password, enter your email address in the box below “I forgot my password or membership number” and click on “Retrieve”. You will be sent your information shortly via your email address.

I can’t remember my password and/or membership number. What do I do?

Click on this link Login. Enter your email address in the box under “I forgot my password or membership number”. You will be sent your information via your email address shortly.

I changed my email address. What do I do?

Click on this link Login. Enter your membership and password. You can change your email address here as well as any personal information. You can also see your course assignments for the upcoming terms.

How do I become a member of LLIR?

LLIR is extremely popular and our space at Glendon College is limited. In response to this ongoing demand, we have set up a waitlist process. Click on this link to Sign up for Waitlist for details on how to become a member. If you have further questions, please contact

How does the Waitlist work?

For details about how the process works, click Sign up for Waitlist.

How long will I have to wait on the Waitlist before I become a member?

Wait times to move from the Waitlist to Membership typically averages two years.

What courses are being offered next year?

Go to Courses to see the current selection of courses being offered.

How many courses can I take each term?


How do I register for courses?

Only members of LLIR are able to register for courses. Details on that process are at Registration Process. If you are not a member of LLIR, please refer to Sign up for Waitlist for details on how to become a member of LLIR.

How does the course registration process work?

In February, you will receive an email to invite you to log into your LLIR account in order to:

  •   renew your membership for another year for a set annual fee
  •   register your course requests for both the fall and winter terms for a fee per course

For more information about how this process works, click Registration Process

What does “year of seniority” mean as a member of LLIR?

A member’s seniority is equal to the number of consecutive years of regular membership in LLIR. Any year that a member takes as a Leave of Absence is not counted in the tracking of seniority. However, the LOA does not break the number of consecutive years for a member.

Can I register for courses by phone, fax or in person?

Our registration process is only available online through our LLIR website at registration. You will require your own email address in order to register for courses. If you need assistance registering, there will be clinics offered after class during the registration period.

Can I pay for a course on the phone using my credit card?

Our payment process is only available online with a credit card through our LLIR website. The system only accepts credit cards. We are unable to accept payments by phone, debit cards or e-transfers.

How do I pay my membership and Course fees?

Fees are paid online using a credit card.

If I am not able to take a course that I have already paid for, can I get a refund?

Course fees are not refundable.

What if LLIR can no longer deliver a course as specified during registration?

If for unforeseen circumstances any course cannot be delivered as specified at the time of  registration, LLIR will offer an alternative, and if possible similar course in place of the undelivered course.

Is there WIFI available at Glendon?

LLIR members can access free WIFI via AirYorkGUEST; however it is not secure. Also, the service is poor on the lower level of York Hall.