How to Get to Glendon College

By Car – Parking is limited – Join a Car Pool

There is limited parking on Glendon campus, including some for those with disabilities. There are two lots at the top of the hill and two at the bottom of the hill. However, you need to arrive early to get a spot in the top lots.  It is quite a hike up the hill from the bottom two lots (about 115 steps!).

The four parking lots at Glendon are marked with a  “P” on this map. Parking is $1.75/half hour.

There is parking in the neighbourhood on Lawrence Avenue or local side streets, many of which have parking restrictions.  If you park on Lawrence or the side streets, please do not take up two spaces between driveways. Leave room for another member.

By Transit

The Glendon College Campus can be easily reached by TTC. You have several options: Bus 124 or 162 from Lawrence subway station (Line 1) or the Bayview 11 bus from Davisville (Line 1) or Bayview stations (Line 4) which runs every 10 minutes. All of these buses will get you very close to the main entrance to Glendon.

It is a short walk from where the bus drops you off to York Hall where the courses are held.