The University of Toronto’s Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences is looking for women 65 and over to take part in a three-month study. Interested? To find out more, click on UofT study.

Relationship with Glendon
While there is no formal affiliation between Glendon and the LLIR, we have enjoyed a close cooperation over the years. Our Academic Consultant is on staff at Glendon and many of the instructors are Glendon professors as well.

LLIR members have access to Glendon libraries, cafeteria, art gallery, other college facilities and special events.

LLIR members are encouraged to make voluntary contributions to the ‘Friends of Glendon’, a fund that assists needy students on the campus with grants, loans and bursaries. Over the years, LLIR has been responsible for contributions in excess of $600,000. Here’s a letter from Glendon in response to your donations. For more information on Friends of Glendon, see this website

If you are interested in York’s Glendon campus, then check out this link

Third Age Learning

LLIR is but one of many third Age learning groups in the city of Toronto.We are fortunate to have such a rich selection of learning opportunities here. There is an umbrella group Third Age Network, to which we, and most of the others, belong. Check out this website to learn more

TANweblogoA new organization is operating in York Region thanks to the help of  Carole Langford, an LLIR past preisdent. Check out their website

If you can’t attend classes, The Teaching Company offers over 350 DVD or CD based courses for sale on a wide range of topics.   If you are immobile and want to keep on learning, check out their website for an opportunity to do so.
If you want to be really serious, MIT has free courses available online.Check their website
For a comprehensive database of open courses available at some of the most prestigious universities around the world, follow this link: and here is yet another, the options are unlimited!
Here’s a link to another nifty website with free lectures for seniors.