LLIR Board Members

Please say “Hello” to our Board members when you attend class. You can recognize them by their white name tags. All Board members are volunteers who are always happy to meet you and answer your questions.

Board of Directors for 2021-2022

  • Barbara Buchanan (President)
  • Diane Johns (Past President)
  • George Hill (Vice President)
  • Sheryl Danilowitz (Program Director) 
  • Brian McLean (Registrar)
  • Warren Brown (Treasurer)
  • Doug Ball (Membership)
  • Carol Brown (Secretary)
  • Christine Pearce (Director at Large)
  • Alan Flint (Communications)
  • Doug Begin (Glendon Liaison)
  • Mark Zaremba (Associate Registrar)
  • Gerald McKeever (Audio Visual Coordinator)
  • Ruthann Hicks (Program)


The work of fulfilling the LLIR mandate happens at the committee level. Committees and committee members for 2020-2021 are:


Responsible for all aspects of general communication with members and prospective members and for the publicity for the organization.
Alan Flint is the Chair. Members include: Jody Macdonald


Responsible for the management of LLIR’s monies.
Warren Brown is the Chair. Members are George Hill, Barbara Buchanan, Diane Johns, Christine Pearce

Glendon Liaison

Arranges for accommodation at Glendon campus, including rooms and catering.
Doug Begin is the Chair.

Glendon Fundraising

LLIR raises funds for the LLIR Glendon Student Opportunity Fund
Paul Muther is the chair.


Responsible for the management of the LLIR@Home program delivery.
Diane James is the Chair. Committee members are George Hill, Ruthann Hicks, Stacy Costa, Alan Flint, Del Milbrandt, Sheryl Danilowitz and Doug Ball.

Long Range Planning

Considers and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the policies and procedures pertaining to the future operations of LLIR.
Doug Ball is the Chair.


Develops and monitors policies, rules and procedures dealing with all aspects of membership in LLIR. In addition, the committee is responsible for the New Members Reception.
Doug Ball is the Chair.


Responsible for recommending to the Board a list of suitable candidates for appointment to the Board.
Diane Johns is the Chair.


Responsible for choosing the subjects of each year’s courses; developing and administering LLIR academic programs; recruiting Course Directors and Lecturers and administering their contracts.
Sheryl Danilowitz is the Chair. Members include: Del Milbrandt, Betty Ball, Naomi St. John, Ruthann Hicks, Jim Boyle, Jos Lennards , Carolyn Gadway and Doug Ball


Responsible for managing LLIR’s membership, annual registration process, assignment of courses and management of the waitlist.
Brian McLean is the Chair. Members include: Mark Zaremba, Debbie Stelzer and Louise Dawson


Responsible for soliciting volunteers to help in classes and to fill openings on the Board of Directors and Committees.
Barbara Buchanan (Chair).