LLIR Board


Tiiu Ambus
Mike Antoniades (Membership)
Alan Boulton (Registrar)
Ruth Brouwer (Program)
Bob Clapp (President)
Berit Dullerud (Friends of Glendon)
Molly Greenwood (Assoc. Registrar)
Norbert Hartmann
Diane Johns
Stuart Livingston
Del Milbrandt (Program)
Paul Muther (Treasurer)
Christine Pearce (Finance)
Sheilah Reid (Secretary)
Fran Sayers (Volunteers)
Gary Schlee (Vice-President, Communications)
Jane Sims (Past President)
Linda Somers (Third Age Network)
Brian Thompson (Facilities)

The audited financial statements for the year ended April 30, 2016 are available to members. The file is too large to download to this website. If you wish a copy, email info@llir.ca.

Follow this link to see the 2016-43rd-agm-minutes