LLIR@Home — Accessing Course Material

How will I get the LLIR course links?
An email will be sent to you each Friday with the course linksJust click on the ‘play video’ arrow and watch. Feel free to pause and restart at any time, or watch more than once if you like. You can view lecture videos anytime until November 27, 2020.

What if I want to watch the course at a different time(s)?
Courses can we watched at any time up until November 27thSave the weekly emails that contain the individual lecture links.  Then use the links contained in the emails to view that week’s course materials.

Do I need to sign into the LLIR Website to access the videos?
The only way you will be able to access the videos is through the links sent to you in the emails each Friday.  The videos are not being posted on the LLIR website. 

I only signed up for one course.  Can I watch others?
All courses contained in the email are open to you to view. You are not restricted to only one course this fall.  Enjoy!

Will LLIR provide printed copies of course descriptions for members on request for members who don’t have a printer?
No. Please make your own arrangements for printing.

LLIR@Home – Start Time and Class Questions

What time does my course start?
After you receive the email each Friday morning, you can view the course anytime that you want up to November 27, 2020

How will the Course Director answer my questions? 
Based on time available, the Course Directors will include in their next lecture answers to questions emailed to them by Monday midnight following the Friday lecture. Email addresses to submit your questions will be provided. 

LLIR@Home – VIMEO Program

VIMEO Controls

This short video demonstrates the VIMEO controls

 Do I need to sign up for or subscribe to VIMEO?
You do not need to sign up with VIMEO in order to view LLIR courses. If you signed up for VIMEO and are now receiving emails from them that you do not want, you can unsubscribe.

How can I make the video fill the full screen?
To make the video fill the full screen, click on the small ‘x’ at the bottom right of the video frame.  To exit the full screen option, click on “Esc” and the screen will return to the smaller screen size.

How do I increase the volume?
There are 2 ways:
— volume control on the computer or
— iPad volume control in VIMEO control bar

What if my video freezes during a lecture?
This can happen with web based services.  If you have this problem close down your browser and re-click on the video link and the problem should go away. 

LLIR@Home: Technical Support

How do I get technical help?
If you need help viewing the videos, please email   techsupport@llir.ca  and provide your name and phone number as well as what device you are trying to use.

For example:
A PC (personal computer); if so, does it have a Windows or Mac operating system?
A tablet or an iPad?
A phone;  if so, what kind is it; iPhone, Android, what version is the phone e.g. iPhone 8

A member of the AV team will phone you to assist.

Fall LLIR@Home General Questions

Can my friend sign up?
No, and it is against copyright to share the links to courses with others.  We suggest that you ask your friend to sign up for the LLIR waitlist when it opens in November.

Will courses be online in the winter?
In light of continuing concerns about COVID-19 and uncertainty about the necessary restrictions if the Glendon campus were to open, we now plan to deliver our winter courses online as well. 

We want to again emphasize that we plan to return to offering a series of ten-week courses live in a classroom setting on the Glendon campus just as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so.

My plans have changed. I didn’t sign up for winter classes and would like to do so now.
A date for signing up for winter courses will be announced early in the fall term. All members not signed up for the winter courses will receive a message with details at the appropriate time.

What should I do if I delete the email containing the links to the course videos during the fall period?
It is important to save each week’s emails in your personal email files. 
If you accidentally delete the current week’s email then send a message to info@LLIR.ca  and we will try to assist.