LLIR@Home User Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Video Presentations?
The video links will be sent to you each Friday. All you have to do is click on the link to access the video.

Do I need to sign in to the LLIR Website to access the Videos?
You do not need to sign on to the LLIR website to access the videos.  Just click on the link that will be in the Friday email.

Do I need to subscribe to VIMEO to access the Videos?
No! You do not need to subscribe to VIMEO to access the videos.

If you need help viewing a video, please email  techsupport@llir.ca and provide your name and phone number as well as what device you are trying to use. For example:

  • A PC (personal computer); if so, does it have a Windows or Mac operating system?
  • A tablet or an iPad?
  • A phone;  if so, what kind is it; iPhone, Android?  what version is the phone e.g. iPhone 8

A member of the AV team will phone you to assist.