Membership Information

Not an LLIR member? Potential members must first join the LLIR Waitlist. For information about how to join the LLIR Waitlist, go to this page.

Registration is open from Feb 14th to March 9th. Login to register.

We have two terms. 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the winter. All courses are on Fridays at Glendon College 2275 Bayview Avenue. Morning classes start at 9:50AM, afternoon classes at 12:50PM.

Currently, we hold 6 classes in the Fall term and 4 in the Winter term.

Registration and Membership: Active members of LLIR pay an annual non-refundable Membership fee of $45.00, and a $30.00 fee per course. Courses are assigned based on points which are determined largely by the number of years of membership. Ergo, new members may not get their first or second course choices during their first few years if the ones they selected are popular. Ergo, at registration time, make sure you select 4 choices in order of preference. Members must take one course each year to maintain their membership in good standing. A member may request a Leave of Absence for one year, usually to cover personal, medical or care giving circumstances. You may take up to two during your ternure with LLIR.  For more details, read the LLIR Membership Policies and Practices.

Volunteering at LLIR  Read the descriptions of the various ways you can volunteer your time to help make LLIR a successful operation.   Volunteering with LLIR

Members must have a unique email address and not share one with another member. Members cannot register for courses if they have an email address that matches anyone else who has registered.

Registration Events Timing 2018-2019

Event                                                                                           Timing

Short Course Outlines for next year posted                          Early February 2018

Current member Registration for next year opens                Feb 14, 2018

Current member Registration closes                                    Mar 9, 2018

Notification of course assignments for next Fall & Winter      March – April 2018

Detailed Course Outlines for Fall Term posted                       May 2018

New member Registration from Waitlist & Notification of assignments                                                                                                                                April – June 2018

Detailed Course Outlines for Winter 2018 term posted          October 2018

For information on registration issues, contact or phone 416-787-7333