The reason LLIR exists, is to provide programs that educate, entertain, and excite you. This takes an enormous amount of effort. We are fortunate to have a strong Program Committee. Ruth Brouwer is Director of Programs. Del Milbrandt is the associate director. They are supported by board members Mike Antoniades, Berit Dellerud,  Del Paul Muther, Gaylen Racine, and Fran Sayers.   Here are a few of them, jovially pondering options for upcoming courses, some are two years in advance. They are responsible for the development of ideas put forth by the membership to run our series of courses.


In conjunction with the LLIR Board, topics are selected which are timely and of interest to the membership, lecturers are sought, and courses are developed. The committee works on an annual basis programming one to two years in advance. Find out more about the process in an interview with Program Director Ruth Brouwer at Brouwer interview.

When you see them, make sure you give them feedback on how much you are enjoying the lectures. They are continually working to bring in directors and speakers for our upcoming programs. You can also send email to

LLIR courses 1973-2017
Have you ever wondered what courses have been presented by LLIR since Day 1? The attachment lists everything we have done. It’s quite impressive. Courses to 2016-2017

Course evaluations 
Each term, members are invited to rate the content and presentation of their current courses, once again via an online survey.