Registration Process

As a member, in February, you will receive an email inviting you to log into LLIR in order to:

  • review/update your phone number, address, email address and emergency contact information
  • sign up to volunteer
  • renew your membership for another year for a set annual fee
  • register your course requests for both the fall and winter terms for a fee per course

Courses are assigned based on the number of years of membership. If you are a new member, you may not get your first or second choices during the first few years of membership as some courses are very popular. Therefore, it is a very good idea to submit your top 4 choices, in order of preference.

Members may sign up for one course per term but must take one course each year to maintain their membership in good standing.

You may request a Leave of Absence for one year. This usually covers personal, medical or care giving circumstances. You may take up to two Leave of Absences during your tenure with LLIR. For more details, please refer to LLIR Membership Policies and Practices.

Members must have a unique email address and not share one with another member. You cannot register for courses if you have an email that matches anyone else who has registered.

For information on registration issues, contact