What We Do

Third Age Learning at Glendon

Living and Learning in Retirement (LLIR) is a lively group of over 1,200 retirees who attend courses at Glendon on Fridays. Sessions run for 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the winter. Topics vary based on input from members and the lecturer availability as managed by the Program Committee.

Members attend classes in either the morning or the afternoon and are in their seats well before the appointed time, eager to experience the high-quality programs for which LLIR is known. Lecturers often comment how much they enjoy speaking at LLIR as the members are keen learners, well-educated, well-traveled and, with a lifetime of experience, question and interact with the speakers in thought-provoking ways.
Costs are deliberately kept low to make it possible for anyone to attend. The annual registration fee is $45, and each course is $30 (HST included). A Volunteer Board organizes and manages the program. The costs of running the program (rent, audio visual, honoraria for Lecturers, Course Directors and the Academic Consultant) are all covered by the fees.

Friends of Glendon

LLIR has had a long and very productive relationship with Glendon College. In recognition of that relationship, LLIR run an annual fundraising campaign for Friends of Glendon asking members to donate money to help needy students. Check our “News” tab in this website for current levels of donation and the annual fund-raising goal.

To learn more about Friends of Glendon, please click friendsofglendon.com

If you would like to donate to Friends of Glendon, click here.